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2018 Cycling Achievements – Caroline Winn

2018 Cycling Achievements

Just reminiscing over the past year and thought I would send some of my cycling highlights from 2018 that I’m feeling proud of:

Completed my first sportive: IoW randonee
Completed my longest ever ride: 89miles
Yearly mileage (3383miles) was more than 4x previous best
For a period of approx 12h in Oct, I topped the leaderboards of all 3 strava clubs that I’m a member of 😀
Graduated from taking part in WCC green rides, to leading green rides, to hanging onto the back of a blue ride, to leading blue rides!
Looking forward to plenty more miles in 2019…..

Caroline Winn

A week in the life of a WCC Ride Leader

A week in the life of a WCC Ride Leader

A week in the life of a WCC Ride Leader The “cycle” (ha) starts and ends on a Sunday. Return from the club ride to lunch and a well-earned rest to find the invitation to lead a ride the following Sunday. Choose colour and distance and put your name forward. The offer to lead always seems to be accepted! Select a route. What routes has this colour ride done recently? Consult file containing the last few ride routes. Then either a) use a different, but tried and tested route, or b) design a new one. In designing a new route a recce ride is usually required. That’s OK. I’m retired, so this gives some purpose to my mid-week ride. Sometimes one recce is not enough. It took 3 rides to design and test the now popular Winter Hill and Warners Hill route. The first ride found me on a track more suitable for a CX bike than the carbon bling owned by many members. Ride 2 and the track ended up in someone‘s front garden between Hurley and Temple. Ride 3 to test and commit to memory the final route. It was worth the effort as everyone seems to like those hills. So why bother leading a ride? Couldn’t I get someone else to do it? For sure, but this way I can chose route, distance and speed. Long Blues to get in the miles before Revolve 24. Short Reds to get in a bit of speed before Red Bull Timelaps. Fancy giving it a go? You should. It’s easy after your first one (especially if you possess a GPS device!).
George Green

#notVeloSouth – Pob, Ewa, Mick & Susie


…when your sportive is cancelled what do you do?  You chat with some of your cycling club friends and create your own century ride no matter what the weather.

On Saturday 22 September 2018, four of us (Pob, Ewa, Mick and Susie) met up whilst most of you were sleeping!  The 100 mile ride was route planned by Ewa (or maybe Doug to be honest!!!) taking us on traffic free roads.  Delighted to say the first 4 hours were dry.  Only one puncture (Sue) and shocked to hear that Doug normally fixes everything wrong with Ewa’s bike…the boys were incredibly patient with us!!!

Coffee and tea cakes refuelled us and then we headed back to Wokingham.  We each celebrated with Chinese take away (Pob and Susie) or sit in (Ewa)…to refuel those calories burnt.

#smashedit #centuryride #112miles #4hrs dry #4hrswet #notVeloSouth #WCC

Pob, Ewa< Mick & Susie 

3724 miles at age 81 – Martin Todd

3724 miles at age 81

Have just totted up my mileage for 2018 which is 3724. Not too bad at age 81.This was undoubtedly helped by the club’s Green rides, which I can almost keep up with! The graded rides are a great idea. Haven’t been tempted by an E bike—yet!
Martin Todd