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WCC National Cycling Time Trial Course

Cycling Time Trials

After last weekend’s CTT London West District AGM, I can finally reveal that WCC has been successful in securing our own National Cycling Time Trial course: now to be known as CC280. The course is a left-hand, 10.2 mile loop starting and finishing in Farley Hill.


As part of our broader 2019 plan, we will be looking to run a mid-week, evening WCC TT summer series during the Spring and Summer months. Critically, the objectives of this event are to:

(1) Allow all members to experience a TT and in doing so improve their own road craft skills
(2) Allow all members to measure their own performance development through the 2019 season
(3) Generate a positive WCC ride and social engagement at each TT event.

More news regarding our TT plans, and its role in the 2019 plan to follow…