Wokingham Cycling Club began life in the Summer of 2013 and has gone from a handful of cycling enthusiasts to a club with a proper membership structure that has hundreds of followers on our Facebook page and well over one hundred fully paid members.

Our members range from their twenties to their eighties, men and women, once a week riders to triathlon and road racing enthusiasts.  As a member all we ask is that you feel comfortable riding the pace and distance of the ride you have signed up to.

We share a love for road cycling, live in the Wokingham area, and organise regular social events where we can get used to seeing each other without our cycling helmets!

We run an introductory ride once per month.  If you are interested in joining us then Sign Up to the free temporary ride membership.  This will enable you to book yourself on an introductory ride where you can meet some club members, ask any questions you may have, and ride with us at a sociable pace on a short route. You will also be able to sign up for club time trials and club rides for a trial month. If you would like to sign up to a club ride as a temporary member you must be sure that you can maintain the pace over the distance of the ride. The information on each ride type can be seen in the FAQ section. Please do feel free to ask any questions.