You need to be a paid-up member of Wokingham Cycling Club to get access to WCC’s regular club rides.  Take a look at the FAQs below which should cover everything you need to know about the club.  If you have any questions that are not answered then drop us an email to [email protected]

Why do I have to be a member to ride with you?
WCC has grown from a handful of cycling enthusiasts to a club with over one hundred paid up members.  Membership allows us to put a structure in place that helps us to organise things more fairly and effectively.

What will I get as a paid-up member?
WCC Members will gain access to the following:

  • Access to WCC’s regular Club Rides
  • Access to the WCC community where they can interact with other Members
  • Access to periodic WCC social activities
  • Access to periodic WCC events beyond the Club Rides
  • An option to purchase official WCC cycling kit
  • Discounts on British Cycling and Cycling UK membership and insurance products
  • Discounts at local cycling shops

What will the membership funds be used for?
The Club funds will be used, initially, for:

  • Website development
  • Website hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • Public liability insurance
  • Website security
  • Jersey design fees
  • British Cycling club membership
  • Venue hire (Christmas party, AGM, etc.)
  • Event costs

As a new Club, we know that we have some initial costs to cover, but we hope to generate surplus funds each year which will allow us to operate as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise. We will discuss this with the Members at the next AGM.

How has WCC reached the point it has?
WCC has grown exponentially since the 5 founder members that started the club met. We are all involved on an entirely voluntary basis and are giving up significant amounts of our free time to try and establish, shape and grow WCC. This voluntary structure will remain in place for WCC and Committee Members do not, and will never, seek financial benefit or compensation for our own personal gain from the WCC. This is strictly forbidden in the Constitution. We are all involved with WCC as we enjoy it immensely and we are committed to acting with the utmost of integrity and transparency. Everything that we have done to this stage has been done on a shoestring or by using borrowed resources, which is unsustainable.

How is the Committee appointed?
The Committee for 2017 consists of the four founders who have financially contributed towards the running of the Club during 2016. At each Annual General Meeting thereafter, the Members will elect a Committee including a Chair, Treasurer and General Secretary to serve until the next AGM.

How was the membership fee chosen?
This membership fee has been arrived at following research looking at equivalent fees charged by other UK cycling clubs. WCC is keen to ensure that it is accessible to all that may wish to join, and feels that, at less than £2 per month, we have achieved this goal.

Who can spend the Club funds?
The Committee, via the Constitution, has the authority to spend Club funds to advance the purposes of the Club.

How can we be sure that the Club funds are being spent appropriately?
During the AGM, the Treasurer will produce accounts for the latest financial year, audited as the Committee shall decide. The Members will appoint a suitable person to audit the accounts.

Will I get a guaranteed ride every weekend?
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this. Spaces for the Club rides will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. If additional Ride Leaders can be put in place, additional Club Rides may be run. Equally, could be postponed or cancelled due to very poor weather or reasons outside of the Club’s control.

Can I join a Club ride immediately after joining as a member?
New Members will need to attend an Introductory Ride. They are intended to give us an opportunity to meet new Members before they join the Club to ensure that we can convey the Club ethos as well as the important aspects of group riding. We will aim to run these Introductory Rides approximately once a month. Through this approach, we aim to make each ride safe and enjoyable for all new and existing members. Exemptions for joining the Introductory Ride could include providing access to a history of ride data (e.g. Strava or similar) or via recommendation from an existing member.

Will the Club Rides be limited in their size?
Yes. To ensure that the rides are safe and enjoyable for all, the rides will be limited to 10 riders at the most but Ride Leaders have the option to limit the numbers further. If additional Ride Leaders have been put in place, more Rides will be run.

Why is a ride reservation system needed?
Limiting the number of Riders that can join each club ride allows us to plan the right number of Ride Leaders.  Having a cut-off time (the day before the scheduled Club Ride) also helps with this.  Once you are a full member, you can book yourself on a ride via the “Book a Ride” section of the website.

Once I’ve signed up for a Club Ride, can I cancel it?
Yes, the website will allow you to cancel your participation on a ride. Of course, the more notice you can give, the better, as late cancellations could be stopping other riders from taking part.

Can I ‘try before I buy’?
Our Introductory Rides are important for the growth, sustainability and future of WCC. They are intended to give us an opportunity to meet new prospective members before they join the Club to ensure that we can convey the Club ethos as well as the important aspects of group riding. We will aim to run these Introductory Rides approximately once a month. Prospective members can sign up for introductory membership free of change which will enable them to sign up to an intro ride.

How do I sign up?
Those looking to join as a member can do so via the Sign Up page on this very website. Payment of the annual membership fee is made via PayPal.

Is club kit available to purchase?
Absolutely! There is a minimum order quantity of clothing for the club as a whole, so clothing purchases are made via online ordering windows which we open a couple of times a year. We also carry a some club kit as stock which is available to purchase through the Shop section on the website, visible once you have become a paid member.

Are you planning to run Club Rides on days other than Sunday?
Sunday is the core riding day for the club and when most of our rides run, however ride leaders now have the ability to add additional rides to the website on other days/times which adds greater flexibility to the rides we offer. If ride leaders are available ofter rides are posted on Saturdays, mid-week and evenings.

What sort of distance do you cover on a typical ride?
We run four ride types on a regular basis, colour coded in order of difficulty: Intro, Green, Blue, Red, Black & Orange. This is our ride leader classification, each ride will be put into a category so you know what the distance and pace will be. Regardless of description we maintain a ‘no drop’ policy except on chain-gang rides.

This is only a guide and pace will vary depending on the amount of climbing involved on the route in question.

How fast do you ride?
It depends on the ride difficulty level of the group.  We chat as we ride and get to know each other so it’s fun, sociable and fairly relaxed.  However, we do ask that people consider their fitness levels before signing up to any of our rides and ensure that they are realistic about the pace they can sustain over the published distance.

How do I know if I am fit enough to ride with you?
We have a variety of ride categories to cater for as many people as we can.  The Short Routes that we have published are typical of some of the routes used on our Blue rides, so we would ride them at an average pace of 15-16mph.  That is, the pace averaged out over the entire ride – so the pace on the flat would normally be quicker on a route that contains a few climbs.

Is it a single mixed ability group or several groups based on ability?
Several groups based on ability.  See above for group classifications.

Do you attend sportive events?
We do attend sportive events together sometimes. Events of interest are discussed on our Facebook group page but signing up to them is down to the individual.

Do you have any club rules?
We have Club Constitution and Ride Etiquette documents that we recommend you read through. As a club we are affiliated with British Cycling. Please note that cyclists join our rides at their own risk. We are not insured against injury to yourself or others, neither are we insured against damage to your property or the property of third parties. It is important that you cycle responsibly and take responsibility for your own actions.

British Cycling offer personal insurance. Details can be found here.